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In dealing with color and form, I create "energy picture".
They are often created for music, inspired by nature, or certain tasks. Always, however, reflect
it part of my emotional worlds, open to the viewer access to my heart - my soul - and thus
also my creative energy.

This energy through contrasts in color composition, or by flowing movement and rhythm in
capture the design, is my personal challenge, and thus my way of the edited theme
for the viewer to experience visually and physically, possibly requiring a substantial margin.

Lets kidnap the viewer into the world of "subtle" energy, it can take the power of creative
Perceive the process - discovered landscapes, places, or feel the power flow of energy from the four
Elements that accompany us constantly as people.

I love to work on large-format screen, usually with oil and acrylic paints, ink, and also
Watercolor paintings are among my means of expression.

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